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Hello, and welcome to Wikipedia! That's such a beautiful picture you have at Lassen Peak that I hate to say anything, but it's a little on the large size; if you resize the browser window, you see that the text gets kind of squished. Wikipedia:Image use policy suggests 300 pixels across, and I usually like to have a larger picture, 600-800px across, linked from "larger version", so that interested persons can groove on the detail. Also, Wikipedia:Image markup has suggested markup that helps us maintain a consistent style that works well with a variety of browsers. I'm hoping you have lots more great pictures that you'll contribute; they're a huge benefit to WP! Stan 07:34, 5 Nov 2003 (UTC)

Welcome to Wikipedia Brian! You wouldn't happen to be the same Brian I went on a field study with to Lassen Volcanic National Park, would you? Sorry if you aren't but that Lassen photo looks like it was taken on the same day mine was (I still haven't had time to format my photos yet - grr!). --mav 07:29, 7 Nov 2003 (UTC)