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The following is a list of guest stars who have appeared on the television series Sesame Street.











  • Ice Cube tells Elmo about "astounding" things
  • Ice-T
  • Il Divo
  • india.arie sings the ABC's with Elmo
  • Mark Ingram (one special): Ingram, a New York Giants player, appeared during the celebrity performance of "Put Down the Duckie" in Put Down the Duckie: The Sesame Street Special
  • Jeremy Irons appeared during the celebrity performance of "Put Down the Duckie" in Put Down the Duckie: The Sesame Street Special, 1988
  • Bill Irwin (appeared in a season 23 sketch as a man caught in a windstorm, appeared in season 25's remake of "A New Way To Walk", appeared as "Professor Television" in season 28, and currently plays Mr. Noodle)
  • Isiah Thomas
  • Judith Ivey
  • Burl Ives










  • R2-D2
  • R.E.M. sing the song "Furry, Happy Monsters"
  • Sally Jessy Raphaël
  • Ahmad Rashad defines the word "gigantic" in episode 4152
  • Lou Rawls (one segment): Rawls appeared in a segment during the first season, to sing the alphabet. He dismissed the concept of using cue cards for the performance, but reversed such decision when he forgot the order of the letters.[24]
  • Rachael Ray (two segments): one baking pumpernickel bread and one describing the word 'amazing'
  • Jeff Redd he sang Between.
  • Helen Reddy
  • Linda Redfearn
  • Christopher Reeve (two segments): Reeve first appeared on the show in 2000 for two segments; in one Reeve says the alphabet with Ernie and Ernie's Rubber Duckie, the other he demonstrates the independent living skills he developed after acquiring a disability in 1995 (quadriplegia)
  • Paul Reubens (two segments): Reubens, as Pee-wee Herman, recited his own version of the alphabet in a 1987 insert. Reubens was also recorded for the celebrity version of Put Down the Duckie.
  • Anne Revere
  • Malvina Reynolds season 4 cast member: A folksinger, songwriter, and political activist, then 73-year-old Reynolds appeared on the show performing songs "This House Is Your House".
  • Ryan Reynolds as the letter A in "The A Team"
  • Andy Richter (one special): While trying to deliver a tape in the Elmopalooza special, Big Bird runs through the set of Late Night with Conan O'Brien, where Conan is interviewing the Yip Yips; Richter is seen in the background very briefly.
  • Sally Ride (one segment): In January 1984, the year immediately following her historic mission, Ride taped a segment on the series where she talks about how A is for astronaut, while Grundgetta visits[25]
  • Kelly Ripa unable to find the slip of paper on which she wrote the meaning of "frustrated" in episode 4144
  • Tim Robbins (two segments and one street scene): Robbins appeared in two 1990 insert segments. In the first, he performs at Prairie Dawn's pageant about the seasons; Robbin's then 5-year-old daughter Eva appeared at the end of the segment.[26] The second, first aired episode 3960, he talks about surprises with Elmo. In a 1997 street scene, Robbins rents a room at the Furry Arms Hotel, which he shares with Muppet animals. Talking to Sesame Street Magazine in 1997, Robbins listed three reasons for appearing on the show: his children, Eva, Jack Henry, and Miles.[26] Robbin's then five-year-old son Miles taped three segments with Baby Bear that appeared throughout the 29th season.[26]
  • Doris Roberts (two appearances in one special): In the introduction to Sesame Street special The Street We Live On, Roberts is one of the celebrities in the "My Favorite Sesame Street Moments" clip. She later appeared in a celebrity montage of the song "Dance Myself to Sleep".
  • Julia Roberts Elmo demonstrates to her how to look scared
  • Robin
  • Craig Robinson defines the word "pattern" with Elmo
  • Jackie Robinson recites the alphabet in season 1
  • Smokey Robinson sings "You Really Got a Hold on Me" for the letter "U"
  • Chris Rock
  • Adam Rodriguez as Detective (Alphie) Betts, helps Elmo and Abby find the missing R objects stolen by the Letter R
  • Gina Rodriguez
  • Rico Rodriguez defines the word "magnify" with Elmo
  • Seth Rogen defines "embarrassed" with Elmo
  • Fred Rogers
  • Maggie Rogers sang "It's Nighttime"
  • Al Roker defines the word "family"
  • Ray Romano
  • Rebecca Romijn defines "accessories" with Abby Cadabby
  • Linda Ronstadt
  • Tracee Ellis Ross
  • Diana Ross sings the song "If You Believe" with Big Bird in 1979
  • Emmy Rossum defines the word "focus" with Abby Cadabby
  • Mike Rowe appeared with Oscar the Grouch in a segment parody of Dirty Jobs called "Dirtiest Jobs"
  • Paul Rudd discusses "brilliant" with Grover
  • Maya Rudolph demonstrates "brainstorm" with Elmo
  • Mark Ruffalo defines "empathy" with Murray
  • Amy Ryan defines the word "paleontologist" with Elmo
  • Meg Ryan with Elmo and Julia




  • Tracey Ullman (appeared as herself in season 20)
  • Blair Underwood
  • Carrie Underwood as "Carrie Underworm" performing "The Worm Anthem"
  • Usher defined "volunteer" with Elmo, he also sang "The ABCs of Moving You" with various muppets (over 115 million YouTube views),[29] defined "unique" with Bert







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