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1473 + 421 = 1894, not 1994. And the four-year mark is correct, at least at the time when Harry attends the World Cup. Many people attempt to explain the year problems by suggesting that the World Cup may have initially been a yearly event, but was eventually changed to every four years. However, I did the math, and it doesn't work - it ends up with 388.6667 cups using the 1-year system and 33.3333 cups using the 4-year system.

I've come up with two possible explanations.

  • Theory A: There were 389 Cups done yearly before the switch to a four-year system, then 33 cups until 1994, with the Cup skipping one year at some point due to some historical event.
  • Theory B: There were more than 389 cups on the yearly system, and a longer hiatus (or several of them). Of course, for every added year of Quidditch on the yearly system, three more years without Quidditch are required for the math to work.

Personally, I'm a fan of the following theory: 389 yearly Cups, then the four-year system for 20 Cups, then a delayed Cup in 1945 (with the war and all), played instead in 1946, then 12 more Cups to get us to 1994.

It should had rather been the year of 306, of which the world cup was launched, exactly 1688 (442nd World Cup, once per four years, gives you a timespan of 1688 years) years before 1994, the year of the World Cup.

- I am certain this page has errors: If, instead of holding it every four years, you hold it every year, the maths DO hold up; counting the year 1473 as a world cup year, add 421 years and you have 1994, which is when the 422nd cup happened. Some verification of the informations is required, I believe (especially since Quidditch did not even exist 1688 years ago), but I can't seem to find my Goblet of Fire, or Quidditch Through the Ages to check.

I seem to recall reading somewhere that J. K. Rowling has confessed to being very bad at math, and to not caring much about whether things add up correctly in HP. I say, don't worry about it so much. --Angr (t·c) 12:51, 21 December 2005 (UTC)[reply]

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