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Tin is Justin. Justin is me.



Born on 9 June 1979 in Portland, Maine, USA.



Living in my parents' home in Attleboro, Massachusetts, USA, but will be moving to a place closer to campus shortly.



Graduated from Attleboro High School in 1998. I'm currently majoring in CompSci at Bridgewater State College.



Current source of income is cooking at a family restaurant in Attleboro, Wetherlaine's (the name is a combination of the owners' last names).



Almost anything at all interests me, especially if it is cerebrally stimulating. This includes programming, reading (science fiction mostly), mountain biking, video games (Nintendo systems being my favorite), movies, any kind of mechanical tinkering.

I recently revived an interest in navigation, specifically celestial navigation, while browsing around here at Wikipedia, and plan to buy a moderate quality sextant someday, as well as fashioning a Bris sextant. It's always good to know where you stand in the world.



I like languages and learning new ones. Communication is intergral to human society, and communication with the machines society creates is becoming more and more important. Here are some languages I know how to read & write and/or speak & listen):

  • English (natively)
  • Spanish (Guatemalan coworkers would say "bastante", "enough" to get by fairly well)



My personal site contains some more info, my movie, music, and book collections, and some simple little software I've written. It may or may not be accessible, depending on the internet connection to my parent's house and the state of the old machine running it.