Ermal Island

Coordinates: 41°35′43″N 8°07′47″W / 41.595279°N 8.129736°W / 41.595279; -8.129736
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41°35′43″N 8°07′47″W / 41.595279°N 8.129736°W / 41.595279; -8.129736 Ermal Island (Portuguese, Ilha do Ermal) is a peninsula situated in the Ermal Dam, parish of Mosteiro, municipality of Vieira do Minho, Portugal, about 25 km (16 mi) north of Braga.

The hard rock – heavy metal music festival "Festival da Ilha do Ermal" takes place in Ermal. The bands which have performed at Ermal include Slipknot,[1] Sepultura[2] and Angra.[2] In addition, the festival has earned enduring fame for the 2002 stoning of Nickelback.[3][4] Beyond music, this event provides varied activities: rural tourism, climbing, Handle Ski, boating, horse rides etc.


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