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Currently residing in Alexandria, Virginia (United States). I am a graduate of the University of Michigan.

Wikipedia has been one of my hobbies since I learned about its "open" nature in 2004, though I didn't start contributing under this profile until March 2005.

Editing style

Most of the time I am correcting spelling and grammatical errors as well as rearranging articles. My goal is to make the articles as comprehensible as possible by:

  • linking esoteric and/or relevant words or phrases
  • organizing similar topic information under the same heading and/or paragraph

I usually add information if I am familiar with an article's topic or run across verifiable new information elsewhere. References allow an article to be verified, which is very important given the open nature of Wikipedia where anyone can edit.

Profile name etymology

The "penta" refers to the fact that 5 is my favorite number, perhaps because I could easily remember that 52 = 25. The "wing" refers to one of my greatest interests, aviation, particularly commercial aircraft and airports. This is clearly demonstrated with my strong interest in flight simulators (particularly the Microsoft version, which is the only comprehensive version I have easy access to) and various aviation websites.


I have other interests that my profile name does not suggest. They include:

  • Architecture
  • Astronomy
  • Broadcasting (e.g. radio and TV stations)
  • Computers (of various types and applications)
  • Energy systems (especially renewable energy)
  • Geography
  • Government/Politics
  • History
  • Transportation
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